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About us

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Cotton Creations is a Peruvian family business, established in the heart of Lima between the Pacific Ocean and the majestic Andes. We are a leading enterprise in the textile industry that focuses on designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality clothing. In order to confront the rapidly-changing world, we are devoted to a constant search of innovative products; therefore, supporting our customers stay in the vanguard of fashion. Cotton Creations endeavors to implement its core philosophy of achieving success by being of service to its clients, an asset to its employees and a partner to its vendors. We believe that the best way to ensure long-term success is by putting people and values first.

As an organization, we are continuously dedicated to seeking enhancements that bring value to our customers, suppliers, community, and environment. With our fairtrade certification, we proudly affirm our commitment to ethical practices. As a prominent player in the textile industry, we pledge to:

  • Create opportunities for all the interested groups.
  • Be transparent and honest. Internally and externally, having transparency in price fixation and being available for the groups interested.
  • Assure fairtrade commercial practices.
  • Pay fair prices and fair wages to all our partners.
  • Reject and ensure that there is no child exploitation in any process of our working chain.
  • Equal treatment for all regardless of race, sex and age.
  • Decent working conditions.
  • Promote and encourage fairtrade for other groups to participate.
  • Protect the environment and be responsible with our community.
  • Support our partners by giving them tools to develop their capacities.


Inspire our clients, suppliers, collaborators and community to create value and make a difference.


To make Peru the hub of high-quality textile sourcing.

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