Hazla por tu ola.

The citizen-led campaign "Hazla por tu Ola" aims to conserve marine-coastal spaces by utilizing an innovative legal tool called the Ley de Rompientes to protect waves. Through grassroots efforts and local leaders, the campaign raises funds for bathymetric studies and manages administrative processes to register waves in the National Register of Protected Surf Breaks (RENARO), overseen by the Navy. To date, 43 surf breaks have been protected in Peru, with a goal of protecting 100 waves by 2030.

Registration in RENARO ensures the safeguarding of the registered areas, preventing the granting of rights for infrastructure, oil and gas exploration, and aquaculture concessions. By protecting surf breaks, the campaign indirectly safeguards crucial marine ecosystems that are vital for coastal biodiversity.

In 2021 and 2022, Cotton Creations actively supported the preservation of 7 surf breaks in northern Peru: El Ñuro, Los Órganos (La Vuelta, La Punta, and Casa Blanca), and Máncora (Punta Ballenas and Máncora), encompassing a total area of 61 hectares. This protection yields numerous cultural, recreational, economic, and environmental benefits.

Embarking on an ambitious journey in 2023, our campaign in Negritos will revolutionize surf break protection through a comprehensive strategy. By securing legal safeguards for seven additional surf breaks - Punta Balcones, El Faro, Bomberos, Malecón, Malpaso, Providencia, and El Golf - we will join forces with local stakeholders to enhance the surrounding public spaces. This collaborative effort aims to create a thriving coastal haven where surfers and the community can revel in the beauty and preservation of these cherished surf breaks.

Hazla por tu ola
Hazla por tu ola Hazla por tu ola Hazla por tu ola